How does a toy library work

Can I visit before I join?

Yes, please do! You can come and visit any time during our opening hours. You can also view our collection online at any time.

How long can I borrow toys for?

All membership levels borrow toys for three weeks with an option to renew for another two weeks. You can renew toys via your SETLS account.

Do the toys use batteries?

No toys in the Middle Dural Toy Library use cell or button batteries. 

However, some do use batteries. Most of them can be played with without batteries, they just won’t have the sounds and lights.

If a toy does use batteries, the label will detail what size and how many batteries are required. Before you return the toy you can remove the batteries to use with the next toy you borrow.

What do I do if a lose a piece of a toy?

We understand that even with the best of intentions, toy pieces do occasionally get lost. You can renew your toy so you have more time to find the missing piece. You should also check the bag label or the toy details online, sometimes a piece has already been noted as missing. 

If you still can't find it, you can pay a small missing piece fine. This fine is fully refundable if you find and return the missing piece later. The price will vary depending on the piece and the type of toy. 

What is duty?

We ask that you complete at least 1 duty per term (a total of 6 hours per year). Duty involves assisting a toy library committee member or ‘opener’ with lending out toys. Each duty session takes 1.5 hours and you can bring your children with you.

Do I have to do duty?

We encourage members to do duty because it’s how we keep the toy library running. However, we know that family life is busy so we have also created a non-volunteer membership which doesn't require duty. If you do get busy during the year all other members have paid the duty levy bond of $90 (concession available) which will be kept in place of doing duty. 

If you complete all the duty hours required, we will deduct the duty levy when you renew your membership, or refund the levy amount when you cancel your membership. If you do not complete the required 6 hours of duty in the year, you will forfeit the duty levy and either be required to pay the full amount when you renew your membership, or not eligible for the levy refund if you decide to cancel your membership. 

What do my membership fees pay for?

Membership fees from our members pay for our insurance, our website and online toy catalogue, costs associated with keeping us running (like bank fees), and most importantly, TOYS!