We have membership options to suit a range of borrowers.

4 toys

$50 + 6 hours duty a year*

Perfect for one child or families that like to swap their toys often.  Borrow up to 4 toys at a time. 

8 toys

$80 + 6 hours duty a year*

Perfect for larger families or just because you love to play! Borrow up to 8 toys at a time.  


Add $50 to your membership and do no duty hours

No time for duty? Purchase a non volunteer membership for an additional $50 on top of your 4 or 8 toy membership and your duty hours are waived.  

*A duty bond of $50 for volunteers / $25 for concession applies each year, which is refunded if all duty is completed.

Learn more about duty in our FAQs

We offer concession memberships at 50% off the 4 toy and 8 toy memberships.

Concession memberships are valid with a government concession card, veteran card, foster families, Uni or TAFE student ID.